UNC Hospitals' Hurricane Katrina Response Blog


As part of the response to Hurricane Katrina, a team of UNC Hospitals' physicians and staff left Friday, Sept. 2 to travel to the Gulf Coast as part of the MidCarolina Trauma RAC's State Medical Assistance Team II. The team from UNC Hospitals is comprised of: Christine Clark, RN; Randy Kearns; Preston "Chip" Rich, MD; Michele Rudisill, RN; Ed Wilson, RN; Ben Zarzaur, MD; and Janet Young, MD. A second team from UNC Hospitals left Sept. 9 to relieve the first group of volunteers. The second team to help staff the K-Mart Klinic in Waveland, Miss., is comprised of: Alberto Bonifacio, RN; Joe Manese, Radiology Tech; Peter Milano, 5th year surgical resident; Andrew Millager, Pharmacist; Jim Rawlings, Pastoral Care; Tina Schade-Willis, MD; Renae Stafford, Trauma Attending Surgeon; Jim Starlin, Air Care Communications; and Wes Wallace, MD., attending, emergency medicine.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

K-Mart K-Linic

We are an up and running field hospital More like a field city. Although the National Guard camped with us have named us Camp Katrina, the locals have their own name. We're officially the K-Mart clinic. Where you going to find a doctor? The K-Mart clinic. Right above our little community looms a huge red BigK K-mart. Patients coming in. More and more every day. A soldier wrecked his truck last night and brought to us in the back of a Humm-V ambukance. Lots of rashes. We named the most common, a boot rash, "Katrina Rash." The spirit down here is hard to describe. Wal Mart is two blocks away and in ruins. Regardless, they have set up the regional pharmacy in the parking lot. All of their prescriptions, if adorned with the "Med-1" words on the bottom, are being filled for FREE for a week. The patients here still can't get used to not having to show an insurance card or pay. Usually it's the other way around. We all do our best to give our friends what we can. Next door, the Reverend's mission continues. He's doing an incredible thing. Without them, life around here would be even more difficult. Real home-cooked meals and boxes and boxes of clothing, toys, housewares. By the way, the are from the Christian Life Church, 25550 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, Alabama. I've already given them my cash - and I am testimony that it goes to good use. The guys around her continue to amaze me. they drove through town yesterday and asked anyone around if they could "borrow" their destroyed washers and dryers. The brought 4 back, and they're now in the compound working like they were new. Generator power and Firedepartment water. Yeterday a man drove his fairly new class C motorhome over to the church are and got out. He said he was going to sell it anyway as he gave the keys to someone. He said to put it to good use and left after saying he'd find another way home somehow. Stephen Nodine, a county commisioner from Mobile, has been in out with a helo bringing much needed supplies. Usually it's guaze and staplers, but last night he brought a cooler full of Lobsters and Tenderloin. The church is planning on firing it up tonight. We're in the process of working with GE and Hancock hospital to acquire a mobile CT scanner. Should be in today. Everyone's genuine caring and generosity is beyond imagination. Just back from NASA/Stennis. Showered, shaved, feel great. Noble has a pet Alligator he feeds while he waits. He named it "Tripod." Must have lost one leg in an epic Mississippi Alligator battle. The SWAT team "neutralized" another that was getting a little too curious. Ben and I are planning to fly home Saturday to RDU as the new team arrives. The bus was an experience, but nit ine I want to repeat right now.