As part of the response to Hurricane Katrina, a team of UNC Hospitals' physicians and staff left Friday, Sept. 2 to travel to the Gulf Coast as part of the MidCarolina Trauma RAC's State Medical Assistance Team II. The team from UNC Hospitals is comprised of: Christine Clark, RN; Randy Kearns; Preston "Chip" Rich, MD; Michele Rudisill, RN; Ed Wilson, RN; Ben Zarzaur, MD; and Janet Young, MD. A second team from UNC Hospitals left Sept. 9 to relieve the first group of volunteers. The second team to help staff the K-Mart Klinic in Waveland, Miss., is comprised of: Alberto Bonifacio, RN; Joe Manese, Radiology Tech; Peter Milano, 5th year surgical resident; Andrew Millager, Pharmacist; Jim Rawlings, Pastoral Care; Tina Schade-Willis, MD; Renae Stafford, Trauma Attending Surgeon; Jim Starlin, Air Care Communications; and Wes Wallace, MD., attending, emergency medicine.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Helo Site Cleared

Up and running. Sat Com now reliable. Also have 42 inch plasma screen TV in the OR. For digital Sat rediography, but also works nicely to watch CNN or any other of 300 channels. Things are going well. Saw well over 100 patients and another 150 or so (I hear) for things like med refills. We are now the stewrds of the stragecic national stockpile. An 18 wheeler dropped off a lod of supplies that filled half of our hospital. Yesterday we clrrae the LZ for helicopters. Amazing. The national guard plowed the lot next to us. We have acces to three helo's, so I askedx if they plow over the light posts for better landing safety. Response: ABSOLUTELY. Down they came. When nothing remained but the concrete posts, they brought a jackhammer. That left only a field of debris which goes on the "Bad" side of the equation when helo's move. Solution? The NC Rowan County Search and Rescue brought their bayou fan boat. Left it on the trailer, and directed it around the site like the world'a largest leaf blower. Absoluelt amazing. Now we're looking for paint for the big "H". Regardless, our helicopter came already this morning with supplies (GIA's etc) that we had asked for from Mobile. Things are great. Looking forward to another exciting day. Will try to figure out how to download pictures.


Blogger UNC Hospitals said...

Dr. Rich and Dr. Zarzaur,

It's good to hear that you guys were able to get started on helping people down there. I was concerned when I heard that you were trying to get through all that red tape. Us girls in the office would love to come and help. Is there there anything that we can possibly do from here to help you? Please let us know. Keep posting, and I pray that you guys stay safe as you help all of the many people and pets down there. Take care of each other! Jesse

11:11 AM  
Blogger scrayton said...

Absoutely great work everyone! Come home safely.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Lisa P said...

Hello all! I've very glad you are all safe and that things are progressing along. Yes, please let us know if there is anything we can do. I'm in the School of Medicine here at UNC and anything I can do to help, you let me know!

Also, to be able to post pics, you can go to or and sign up for a free account and there you can upload pics to post to blogs.

Stay safe!

Lisa Provost

4:54 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Great to see you up and running! I saw the news reports about the delay and then the article with the blog excerpt.

I asked the nc blog folks to add you to their list, but they said that the owner has to register @

Mark Peters
Chapel Hill

9:08 PM  
Blogger Tom B said...

I am glad to hear that y'all are there and safely providing assistance to the folks down there. This is especially importand to me because I grew up in Waveland and still hold the area very special.

You are in my prayers!

Tom Boyd

8:11 AM  
Blogger Tom B said...

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8:14 AM  

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